Dr. Rachana Gangrade - Dietitian & Nutritionist, Weight-Loss Specialist

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Dr. Rachana Gangrade

Dietitian & Nutritionist, Weight-Loss Specialist
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Sahaj Aarogyam.

Meet. Dr. Rachana Gangrade is an accomplished Dietician, Nutritionist & Weight Loss Specialist with 24 years of experience in the field of obesity management. She is recognised for combining modern nutrition with Ayurvedic nutrition to create unique weight loss plans for boosting the body's overall health and metabolism. Her focus is on encouraging people to embrace a healthy lifestyle through simple and holistic methods. She has helped several clients to experience body transformation with her knowledge and dietary plans. She uses modern diagnostic testing , treatments and balance diet plan while treating the root cause of long-term health issues.

As a nutritionist, she is in charge of offering medical nutrition therapy that is a therapeutic technique for treating diseases by tailoring a specific diet. She develops meal plans, educates on portion control, prescribes special diets for treating or preventing diseases. She also discusses the daily eating habits with patients in order to evaluate their diet and offer personalised advice. Her education background is as meritorious as her flourishing career. She studied M.H.Sc. (Food and Nutrition) from D.A.V.V, Indore and secured third position in the University merit list in the year 1997.


She was awarded a Ph.D. in 2002 under the guidance of Dr. Munira Hussain. She also attended national campaigns on Diet and Nutrition for holistic health to augment existing skills and practices.Dr. Gangrade was a visiting faculty lecturer in Govt.Girls.P.G.College, Ujjain from 
1997 to 2000. Later she worked as a Dietician in Gurjar Hospital, Indore. She was employed as a Slimming Manager at VLCC for three years. In 2005, she turned an entrepreneur and co-founded Babyliss Slimming Beauty Pvt. Ltd. and was Managing Director for 13 years. In the later years, Dr. Gangrade started her OPD practice as a Nutritionist and since then has been encouraging people to move toward better health through nutrition education and healthy eating choices. 
Dr. Gangrade offers experts advice and presents a balanced nutritional plan for patients. She discusses weight-management plans and assists clients in achieving nutritional goals by offering a practical dietary plan for optimising health. In addition, she is an expert at recognizing appropriate behavioural-change modifications and nutritional approaches for people of different ages.Currently, Dr. Gangrade runs her own Diet Clinic and Consultancy under the name 
MyNutridiet. She continues her passion of teaching as a visiting faculty at D.A.V.V, Indore. She is also a part of Learn 2 Fit Diet Consultancy and Academy that provides online on job training certificate courses to P.G. students where Dr. Gangrade teaches basic and advanced courses in obesity management.Other Prestigious Achievements She has authored several newspaper articles and published her expert opinions on nutrition and weight management. She is also associate with the following organisations and has been contributing her expert advice to the common public:
● Life Member of Indian Dietetic Association 
● Member of Vigyan Parishad Prayag 
● Over 2 decades of experience in obesity management

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