Master. Ashish Tiwari - DMIT & NLP, Counsellor

About Our Experts,

Master. Ashish Tiwari,

DMIT & NLP, Counsellor
Co-Founder & CEO, Sahaj Aarogyam

Meet. MASTER. Ashish Tiwari is a qualified Counsellor and NLP Practitioner with 10 years of experience in providing counselling, Life coaching,motivation and other therapies. With his immense knowledge and experience, he has successfully treated over a thousand patients suffering from emotional pain and relationship issues. During the testing times of Covid-19, Master.Tiwari gave free online counselling and motivation sessions to his patients and helped them cope with emotional stress during the pandemic. Currently the Co-Founder & CEO of Sahaj Aarogyam, he gives offline and online counselling to his patients in India, U.K., and U.S.A. People facing emotional turmoil related to their studies, profession, or relationships seek to improve their coping skills and strengthen their self-esteem. Master. Tiwari provides expert counselling to such clients by identifying their goals and possible solutions to their problems that eventually promotes behaviour change and mental health wellbeing.
As a DMIT expert and  NLP Practitioner, Master. Tiwari is capable of assessing, diagnosing, and treating the psychological issues and the behavioural problems resulting from physical or mental health conditions.

He also uses his knowledge to promote healthy behaviour that prevents diseases and improves the quality of life of his patients. Master.Tiwari is also a Life Coach and uses his interpersonal skills to examine and understand the client. His main goal is to support and transform the client’s desire so they can handle major life crises with confidence.
An excellent Motivational Speaker, Master. Tiwari offers motivational talks on topics related to personal and professional success, and adapting a healthy lifestyle for an improved personal and professional life. Master. Tiwari is also a trained DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) therapist and works with his clients to understand their mental state, thinking, behavioural patterns, and desires. He is an expert at examining the brain map of a person and helping people determine and strengthen their skills besides assisting them in developing productive strategies. Master. Ashish Tiwari is a qualified 7 Chakra balancing specialist and helps people maintain a healthy physical and psychological balance in life. He is also a Scientific Vastu expert who offers assistance to clients looking to create a pleasant atmosphere at their home or workplace by integrating Vastu principles with architecture. Depression is a sensitive issue and needs the skills of a qualified and experienced professional such as Master. Tiwari to understand and address it appropriately. Many people suffering from anxiety issues have benefitted from counselling and mediation sessions with Master. Tiwari. Phobia is another psychological problem that is otherwise disregarded and neglected. However, with Master. Tiwari’s guidance, people have successfully overcome their phobias and are managing their daily activities in a better way. Several parents approach Master. Tiwari for personal counselling sessions for their children who are finding it difficult to cope with peer pressure, bullying issues, and intense competition in the academic world. With Master. Tiwari’s counselling students are gearing up to make a bright future for themselves. Master. Tiwari also offers relationship counselling to troubled couples facing marital discord or other problems arising from a soured relationship. His expert guidance and effective therapy sessions have brought back smiles on many faces.

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